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  • This is a delightful nesting box for your garden.
  • Fix the birdhouse to a tree or fence and watch the birds as they care for their family.
  • The box has three circular 3 cm openings for the birds to enter their home.
  • The birdhouse is made from FSC certified wood and has a natural wood finish.
  • The roof is made from zinc.
  • This box will provide a place for the birds to nest in the spring and will also protect them from the wind, rain and snow during the cold winter months.
  • Fix the box to a quiet tree or fence in the garden away from pets and full sun. 
  • It is suitable for House sparrow, Eurasian tree sparrow, Great tit and Eurasian blue tit.
  • There is an access hatch at the side of each flat to enable cleaning once the nesting season is over.
  • Measures: (h)51 x (w)19.5 x (d)17 cm