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Popcorn Pan


  • This is a fabulous pan for making delicious popcorn over an open fire or BBQ.
  • The pan has a long handle so that the pan can be placed on the fire whilst you remain at a safe distance.
  • There is a hole in the top of the handle for hanging.
  • On the top of the pan there is a grid/grill to stop the corn from jumping out as it pops.
  • The pan is made from black carbon steel.
  • Measures: (H) 9.5 x (W) 69.5 x (D) 18 cm
  • The popcorn pan is a great accessory for use around a campfire or other open fire.
  • Please take care and ensure children are supervised around open fires and flames.
  • Popcorn not supplied.
Easy to use:
Put 2 tablespoons of oil and half a cup (50g) of popcorn corn in the pan. Sprinkle sugar or salt (depending on taste preference) evenly in the oil and let it warm for about 10 seconds. Add the corn and mix everything so that all the corn kernels are coated with sugar or salt. Close the metal grid to keep the popping corn in the pan. Place over the fire maintaining a safe distance. Shake the pot whilst popping so that the popcorn is well mixed with the sugar or salt. When it finishes popping remove from the fire and serve immediately. Delicious!