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Bird Houses/Nesting Boxes


  • This is the perfect nesting box for the house martin or swallow.
  • It will provide a safe place for the birds to rest, nest and shelter from the wet and the cold.
  • The grey cup is made from concrete and it has a plywood backing.
  • This nest is best attached under the roof boarding with the top of the nest right up against the overhang, creating a closed cavity with flight entrance.
  • House Martin nest boxes should be fixed under the eaves of the house.
  • Swallow nest boxes should be fixed high in an outbuilding in a dark area with a small opening or window to allow them to enter.
  • House Martins prefer to nest in colonies so we would recommend fixings more than one box.
  • Place nest boxes out of the reach of cats.
  • Measures: (H) 14.5 x (W) 24 x (D) 9 cm