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Weather Instrument


  • This fascinating meteorological instrument was first invented in the 1700's and was designed to help predict the approach of bad weather.
  • This storm glass forecasts the weather from clear days through to stormy weather.
  • Weather predictions are made depending on the amount of crystallisation that forms within the glass.
  • You will see changes in the crystal formations as follows:
    • Fair weather - clear liquid
    • Rainy weather - murky liquid
    • Thunderstorms - crystals at the top
    • Cloudy Snowy Weather - large flaky crystals
    • Windy Weather - threads of crystals
  • The glass cylinder stands on a wooden base.
  • The storm glass today is more ornamental than an accurate weather instrument but the beautiful crystal structures that form will fascinate both adults and children alike.
  • Measures: (H) 28 x (W) 8 x (D) 8 cm