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Bird House/Nesting Box


  • This is the perfect nesting box for the swallow.
  • It can also be used for house martins.
  • It will provide a safe place for the birds to rest, nest and shelter from the wet and the cold.
  • The grey cup is made from concrete and it has a plywood backing.
  • Swallows can enter a building through a very small hole and need very little light.
  • Swallow nest boxes should be fixed high inside an outbuilding, barn or lean-to in a dark area with a small opening, minimum 50 mm high and 200 mm wide, under the garage or barn eaves or leave a window or door open.
  • Fix the box where you would like them to nest, high in the building, out of the reach of cats.
  • Do make sure there is a gap of 8cm (3.15) between the top of the nest and the roof.
  • If the weather becomes very hot, place an old carpet or blanket on the outside of the roof above the nest and soak with water regularly. Just a couple of buckets of bathwater on such fabric will take several hours to dry and helps keep the temperature down inside.
  • Measures: (H) 14.5 x (W) 24 x (D) 9 cm